The development of a suite of contract documents based on the specific scope of works developed in conjunction with our client. 
A comprehensive review of existing strategies re-drafted into a document which reflects present day and future technologies and processes 
Provision of technical support in legal cases 
Provision of reports and assessment's in accordance with ILP PLG04 Environmental Impact Assessment's. 
Review of lighting design for compliance with Dark Skies, light pollution compliance and National guidance. 
Post and Pre Install audits of environmental impacts. 
External lighting design, Cable Networks, Traffic Signs, Traffic Signals,  
Amenity Lighting, Sports Lighting, Highway Lighting, Section 38 and 278 Designs. 
Post installation verification of works carried out on site to specification. 
Audit of Claims v Bill of Quantities V project costs. 
Validation of Designs to national standards and client specifications. 
Site Audits for adoption of works, Specification certification of installations for Section 38 and 278 Works. 
Energy management Validation in line with BSCP520 and the development of sustainable solutions. 
Asset Management system auditing and configuration. 
Determination of as installed drawings and equipment. 
Pre Adoption inspections for Developers and Authorities. 
Energy Auditing to BSCP520 requirement's. 
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